Uludag Passengers crashed in 2 hours (Video)

When the Uludağ cable car broke down, the passengers hung in the air for 2 hours: When the new cable car carrying passengers to Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, failed, the passengers were suspended in the air for almost 2 hours.

According to information received, at the time of the 11.00 queues between the Yellow Coast and Uludag Hotels Region due to electronic fault passengers were stranded in the cable car. The passengers in the cabin hanged in the air had panic. The electronic fault was corrected in approximately 2 hours.

Meanwhile, guests were not allowed to travel from Sarıalan to the Hotels Region. At the time of the 13.00 queues, the passengers were able to reach the 2.Oteller Zone by eliminating the electronic failure.

Passenger Berat Emre Salman, hanging in the air for about 2 hours, stating, at It was just cold. There was a storm. Authorities said it was an electronic failure. Yet



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