Two Months Off Access to Freedom Bridge Biran Call for Repair First

The Bridge Closed to Transportation for Two Months Call for Restoration Immediately: The residents of Çöğluluk Mahallesi in Çine District of Aydın asked for the Çöğluluk Bridge to be repaired and opened to transportation as soon as the flow of the tea, whose flow rate increased due to torrential rain, damaged the filling material.
The Çöğluluk Bridge, which was started by the Aydın Provincial Administration on Çine Stream upon the intense demand of the residents, was put into service last April. Especially, the bridge, which provides convenience for the residents of Çöğluluk to go to the fields across the river, was damaged in the rains of last January. Tea, whose water level increased, eroded the soil material of the bridge. The bridge was then closed to transportation. After the closure of the Special Provincial Administration with the metropolitan pedestrian and the bridge passing to the responsibility of the metropolitan city, residents of the neighborhood informed the General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration (ASKİ). ASKİ teams examined the bridge. Citizens asked for the road, which had been closed for two months, to be repaired and reopened.
Saying that the damaged areas of the bridge should be built and put into service as soon as possible, Çöğluluk Neighborhood Headman Cavit Uyar said: “Çine Çay had to travel 300 kilometers to reach its 30 meters far field. We worked hard to make the bridge. We finally got comfortable. But we have not been able to use the bridge for two months. The flow of Çine Stream increased from excessive rain. The water of the tea brought the filling next to the posts of the bridge. There is no bridge crossing right now. We want this to be done as soon as possible. "The neighborhoods of Cumalı, Altınova, Gökyaka and Özeren also benefit from this bridge."


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