Tramway to the town of Beyşehir

Tram to Beyşehir District of Konya: Konya's Beyşehir District Mayor Murat Özaltun said that his biggest dream is to bring a tram to the district. Stating that they are in consultation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality on this issue and they are taking firm steps, Özaltun said, “We are making great efforts to bring the tram to Beyşehir”.

In his speech at a meeting in Beyşehir, President Özaltun gave information about the services and projects to be gained in the district.

Özaltun stating that the most important dream of arriving in the tram to Beyşehir is that they are in consultation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality in this regard and said that they are taking firm steps. Belirten We are making great efforts to get the tram to Beyşehir e.


Özaltun emphasized that they made a request to Beyşehir by mentioning the tube walkway project they prepared for the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Mr. İdris Güllüce who participated in the meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya and gave a speech here. he gave. Our Minister also said that he is looking at our request.
We are currently working with the support of all the deputies of the region, including our regional deputies, and we continue our work at the point of reaching the tube passage of our Beyşehir Şu.


Mayor Özaltun, in his speech, also touched on the topic of natural gas. He pointed out that Beyşehir has made a great progress in terms of natural gas production. Özaltun pointed out that a license agreement was made with Enerya Company, a former name of Gaznet. Yesterday BOTAŞ was in its jurisdiction, today it is Enerya's initiative with the license agreement. With the support of our deputies, it is inevitable for natural gas to come to Beyşehir. We will not give a time on this issue, but if God gives permission, I'll say, Konya-Beysehir double-road works are always criticized in our time, Beysehir natural gas will come, Beysehir cultural center will be finished, swimming pool will be done, schools will develop at the point of education. Not only in the center of Beysehir, from Uzumlu to Adakoyu, Adakoyu to Akcabelen, from Akcabelelin to Dumanli, to Yazyurdu, all our neighborhoods will get the services they deserve. Because our goal of developing next-growing Turkey, a thriving and growing Beyşehir. Our target; 2023, Turkey, and, as Beyşehir. The important thing is that your prayer and support will continue. As long as your prayer and support continue, there is nothing we cannot succeed. D


President Özaltun emphasized that the current hall, which held the advisory council meeting, was not worthy of Beyşehir and that it started to be narrow.

Özaltun, who gave the good news that the project works about the cultural center to be given to Beyşehir started, said: Now we will have a culture center worthy of Beyşehir. Believe that we are preparing a project that is inspired by the project 'thousand-a-half-room' is criticized as a palace, the cultural center of Beyşehir I hope to be inspired by the palace we are planning. But of course it will not be so much room, "he said.

Özaltun also touched upon the work related to the women's tavern after the cultural center and stated that the tender will be held in February at 20. Ece After our tender, we will be the foundation of 8 March International Women's Day. Therefore, 2015 will be the year of construction in Beyşehir ehir.



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