If the speed of traffic increases by 50, the risk of death increases by 6

If the traffic speed so 50 increased risk of death 6 fold increase: General Directorate of Police Traffic Services Department, alerting the driver from the website, has lost hundreds of people every year in traffic accidents in Turkey and billions of pounds reminded that experienced financial losses.
The damages of speed are explained in the warning letter titled 'Speed ​​and Risk of Accident in Traffic' on the website of the General Directorate of Security Traffic Services Presidency. The statement pointed out that the speed rate increased by 5 percent increased the fatal accidents by 20 percent, and the following views were given:
“Accidents due to change in average speed using the Power model and kazanseverity can be estimated. A 5 percent increase in average speed leads to a 10 percent increase in all injury accidents and a 20 percent increase in fatal accidents. The basis of the activities to prevent violations is the idea of ​​ensuring that everyone can benefit from the traffic environment, which is a common area, in a safe, fair and efficient way. This basic need requires reducing the risk of accidents. The main purpose of the safe road system is to establish a road transport system that allows human error without causing death or serious injury. Although the idea that a safe road system should be in a structure that allows for errors may seem contradictory in terms of traffic safety, considering it as a 'fault-tolerant traffic system' may clarify the issue. This can be achieved to a large extent by reducing risks, and reducing risks by preventing rule violations. Preventing excessive speed prevents a significant portion of the risky situations caused by possible errors and unexpected road conditions from turning into an accident. Since the tangible benefit of reducing speed has been proven many times over, this fundamental effect has now established itself as a traffic phenomenon that is not overly disputed. The group of violations called 'moderate speed violation', which means driving 10-15 km/h above the legal speed limit, plays a larger role in traffic accidents with serious consequences compared to higher speed violations. This is because moderate speeding is more common than excessive speeding.

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