Type Stopped Transportation in Erciyeste

Type Stopped Transportation in Erciyeste: While it was raining briefly in Kayseri, snowfall and its type were seen in Erciyes Mountain. The thickness of the snow in the ski center in Erciyes exceeded 2 meters in places. Due to its type, transportation stopped at Kayseri-Erciyes-Develi, Kayseri-Hacılar- Erciyes- Develi highways from time to time.

Snowfall that started yesterday evening on Mount Erciyes increased its effect as the type against the morning. On the Hisarcık-Tekir-Develi road, the visibility has decreased to 2-3 meters in places, and drivers were warned to wear chains on the vehicle tires starting from Hacılar intersection. Then, when the type increased its effect, no vehicles were sent from Hisarcık and Hacılar to Erciyes for a while. The road was interrupted by traffic and gendarmerie teams. It was recorded that snow cleaning and salting works of highways continue along with the rain on the mountain road.

Erciyes Ski Center's Tekir, Hisarcık and Hacılarkapı runways were also reported to be unable to run gondolas. Snow thickness on the runways along with the last rainfall 2 meters were specified. Despite the adverse weather conditions, some skiers also enjoyed the snow on the runway.