THY's Opening of the New Cargo Terminal

Opening of THY's New Cargo Terminal: Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek said, "Our government is closing the gap of past periods at a great speed."
In his speech at the opening of the new cargo terminal of Turkish Airlines (THY), Minister Şimşek stated that this facility, which was completed in 10 months, is a type of infrastructure investment that they prioritize and give strong support.
Şimşek pointed out that cargo transportation is a higher profit margin and growing rapidly compared to passenger transportation, and said: “THY has had great success in this regard in recent years. Cargo volume grew by 18 percent last year. This is a great success. TK is really the pride of Turkey is a very important brand, "he said.
As a government, not only in aviation, but also in all other transport areas have recorded great distances Simsek, competitiveness in terms of transportation infrastructure is very important.
Minister Simsek, "Turkey be achieved if the rail competitiveness on a global scale, road sea and air space are critical. I wish these areas could have been prioritized in the past as our Government did. But our government is really closing the gaps of past periods at a great speed. ”
Ak Party governments before the 6 100 thousand kilometers 17 thousand kilometers were added to the transfer of Simsek, said:
“Now fast railways are being built. Railways are being rehabilitated. There is a really strong effort in terms of electrification and signalization. I hope that all our organized industrial zones can be connected to markets and especially to ports by rail. I am sure this will be achieved in the medium and long term. Because freight charges are an important factor and we need to be competitive in this area. ”
Stating that THY is a great success story, Minister Şimşek said: “As a company that creates great added value without using any public resources, I am Hamdi (Topçu) Bey, Temel (Kotil) Bey, I sincerely thank all the team and employees. Because we did not add additional resources. There is a nice team work. A really successful family. I know that excitement. Completing this place in 10 months is a great success. ”
- “3. Airport in Turkey with services exports to exceed the new threshold "
Stating that Ataturk Airport was designed for 32 million passengers and that it was an enormous capacity under the conditions of that day, Şimşek continued as follows:
“Because 8 million passengers were coming under the conditions of that day. Last year, 57 million passengers arrived. Almost twice the design capacity. Therefore, the old cargo terminal must be demolished and enlarged even for a short time. 3. I believe that Turkey will overcome Airport with a new threshold in services exports. These are not easy. There is a very strong and intense competition environment in the aviation sector, especially in the world. We went upstairs, but it takes a lot of effort, prudence and additional investments to hold on. This investment is an extension of this.
Turkish Airlines is now a big conglomerate. There are 16 companies under it. We are talking about a turnover of $ 17 billion. A really great success. These political stability in Turkey, with the right choice, closely associated with the right policies. We only increased the share of the state to 50 percent in Turkish Airlines. We opened them up. It was a great success. It's really just a mental revolution. But it's not easy, of course. From a country living with fears to a country where we live daily as if it is self-confident and its great successes like this are now usual. Therefore, I congratulate everyone who contributed. I wish the continuation of these successes. Our THY flag bearer. We are proud of him. ”
Minister Simsek, as the government always added value to those who invest in this type of added added that.


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