Torch show of ski instructors attracted attention

The torch show of ski instructors attracted attention: In Palandöken, the occupancy rate in hotels reached 100 percent with the effect of the semester break. The night skiing show with torch by ski instructors attracted attention.

Domestic and foreign tourists attended the entertainment held on the runway of a hotel in Palandoken Ski Center. Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Turkey guests come to spend the holidays in various provinces in Palandöken semester with tourists from Poland, was skiing until the evening hours.

Vacationers, who do not mind the air temperature being 11 degrees below zero, danced on the snow and danced on the halay. Erzurum bar team made a demonstration to promote Erzurum's culture. After the animation show, a light show was held.

12 ski instructor on the top of the mountain with snow-capped vehicles, with the torches in the hands of the 5 mileage record. The team also showed torches on the jump ramp and tried to entertain the tourists.

The occupancy rate in the hotels operating in Palandöken reached 100 percent with the effect of the semester holiday.

Bora Kamber, the General Manager of a hotel operating in Palandoken, said in a statement that Palandöken is an important ski resort with advantages both with its historical texture and tourism opportunities.

Stating that they are preparing night shows for the guests, Kamber said, “We unite the tourists with the torch shows of the ski instructors and the Erzurum bar team. We present the folklore culture of this place to them. There are fire shows and entertainment. We call it not only skiing, but also a little sociability. Because there is a belief that 'there is no entertainment in Erzurum'. Actually, Erzurum has everything. They can continue to have fun without interruption, ”he said.