Road Maintenance And Repair Work In Diyarbakir

In Diyarbakır Road Maintenance And Repair Work was Given to Rural: In Diyarbakır, due to infrastructure works in the city, last summer asphalt season, except for patch works, road construction works were predominantly rural. In the last 8 months, total thousand 590 kilometers of roads, repair, maintenance and stabilization were completed. road construction.
Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, in the last 8 month, a total of thousand 590 kilometers of road construction, repair, maintenance and stabilized road construction in districts and countryside. Within the scope of the road repair, maintenance and asphalting works of the municipality, it continued its works by establishing construction sites on Bismil, Çınar, Ergani, Çermik, Kulp, Lice, Silvan, Hazro and Dicle districts for the rural neighborhood road of 5 thousand 650 kilometers. 8 completed the construction of 244 kilometer first floor asphalt surface per month and completed the construction of the base layer of the 73 kilometer road.
The construction of 30 kilometers of asphalt with construction machinery and 473 kilometers of asphalt maintenance and repair works, 300 kilometers of stabilized road construction was realized.



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