Cable car is preparing to move from Bursa

The cable car is preparing to depart from the BursaRay: It has rolled up its sleeves to make dreams come true in Bursa. Projects will be implemented one by one this year. The cable car will depart from the city center. The traffic ordeal will end with the subway. Beach project will be completed. BursaRay will extend to the bus station

The projects that have been dreamed of for years in Bursa and brought to the agenda in every election period will be implemented one by one this year. The cable car, one of the most important symbols of the city, will depart from the city center. Urban traffic ordeal will end with the tram line. The beach project, which has been talking for years, will be completed this year. The silkworm tram will reach the bus station this year. MORNING The Mayor of Bursa, Recep Altepe, who visited Bursa, said that they are rolling up their sleeves to make Bursa not the backyard of Istanbul but a city that stands up to it. Stating that they will lay the foundations of the projects dreamed in 2015, where they will raise the bar of service one more level in Bursa, which has taken a leap in recent years, Altepe said, “You will get off the metro and go to Uludağ. People of Bursa wouldn't believe it if they saw it in their dreams. We said that Bursa beaches will not look like Bodrum. We will finish this year, ”he said.

With the cable car station to be built at BursaRay's Gökdere Station, the foundations of the project, which will take vacationers from the city center to the Hotels Region in approximately 25 minutes, will be laid this year. Stating that the studies on the project have been continuing for about 2 years, studies and examinations have been carried out, Mayor Altepe said, “A cable car station will be built on the upper floor of BursaRay Gökdere Station. There will also be Sculpture - Setbaşı stop. Citizens will be able to reach the cable car on foot. Citizens from Görükle, Kestel and Mudanya, will now be able to easily reach Uludağ. This project will be a major reform in transportation. In this way, the traffic in the city center will be relieved. "It will be possible to reach Uludağ from the heart of Bursa in about 25 minutes."

Reminding that even those living in Bursa were not aware of the sea until yesterday, Altepe stated that they showed everyone that Bursa is also a sea city with the works they did on the beaches. BUDO and seaplane flights Bursa with a sea city that Turkey and President Altepe voicing show to the world, "we have prepared about 8,5 kilometers Mudanya Guzelyali coast editing project in addition to studies Karacabey Strait will reveal the natural beauty of Bayramdere site projects. Mudanya, Tirilye and Kumyaka will also be important working areas. Together with the Ministry of Finance, we are implementing our projects that will turn Kurşunlu into a port city with its marinas and breakwaters. Our beaches such as Bodrum and Marmaris will gain value and gain a vision. We will complete these investments to a great extent this year, ”he said.

The Silkworm tram, which joins the urban transportation network of Bursa, will go to the intercity bus terminal where the passenger potential is the highest. President Altepe explained that they started working for the implementation of this project in 2015 and said, “We will do whatever Bursa needs. We have no budget constraints. If our fellow citizens have problems in transportation, we will do whatever is necessary to solve it. The tram was supposed to go to the terminal. Now we are bringing it to life. “We will start that project this year, with the permission of Allah”.

President Recep Altepe stated that in 2015, not only these projects, but also countless projects will be implemented to open the historical texture and natural beauties to tourism, and said: “We are at the service of Bursa. We cannot do anything for this city. We focused on projects aimed at improving the quality of life of our fellow citizens. As Bursa, we do not aim to be the backyard of Istanbul. We are working for a Bursa that will challenge that city. And we are strong enough to do that. The stadium we built with our municipal facilities is the best indicator that Bursa is a self-sufficient city. "

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