Not able to talk with mobile phones in Istanbul Metro

It is no longer possible to talk on mobile phones in Istanbul Subways: We have learned that Avea, Turkcell and Vodafone, which are 3 phone operators, have removed base stations from subways in Istanbul. Because the Municipality of Istanbul has demanded multi-million, high “rental” prices from these base stations for the communication of its citizens.

The people in the subways could not be called from outside because of "security". But the people in the subway could call outside. With this latest development, it will not be possible to call out even if it is an emergency event.
IMM forgets the service to citizens, implements exorbitant rates for the means of communication

For the provision of fixed telephones, mobile telephony or Internet communications, tools such as copper cables, fiber cables, base stations are required. These vehicles are placed in or out of cities.

It is necessary to get permission from the municipalities that are the rulers of the cities for these transitions or locations. These permits are "free" and even "encouraged" in many countries abroad. Because it is also a constitutional right, Communication, just like health, education, transportation, and the main task of the municipalities is to provide this.

However, municipalities in Turkey and especially Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) which is usually part of the service before it by citizens of other municipalities alınıyor- example, the event "monetize" the party focused on. As he earns money, he enters the “more… more ..” mode and the money he wants increases exponentially. The service to the citizen is forgotten.

We first saw this in the “laying of fiber cables” event. While he took one-time money from the meter of the fibers laid to bring broadband to our homes, he started to receive annual rent. While he was getting 0,90 cents, he started to demand fees up to 12 TL. It does not take into account that these money will be requested from the citizens.

Likewise, for base stations placed on subways, last year, it was tried to make higher hikes, called "exorbitant", which is called as "exorbitant". As a result, GSM firms decided that these figures were unpaid and gave up putting base stations on subways.

In the meantime, let's remind that today, indirect taxes on mobile phones are up to 66%, depending on the amount of speech. So when you talk 34 TL, you pay 100 TL including VAT [1]. As if this is not enough, municipalities have such approaches. wrote Repairs in subways postponed for 1 month
İBB's insecurity is not limited to this. In the middle of January, "Istanbulers Monday If your internet is lost, don't be surprised, our Metropolitan Municipality is Working !!!!" In the news titled, we explained that IMM is doing different construction works in some metro stations and overpasses.

The problem is that some of these constructions will be held in places where telecom companies' cable or management boxes are installed, but not notified to the companies, or "collect your cable in 5 days" type "where? how? when?" were the reports made without producing solutions to their questions.

Fortunately, the works that were stated to be held on “Saturday before the snow” that we mentioned in that news were postponed for a month after our news and time was provided for telecom companies. We hope that IMM will be more careful about these issues. These internet lines are important communication tools used not only by individuals but also by companies. SOME ATTENTION, SOME PEOPLE, SOME RESPECT FOR CITIZENS ...

The information we receive from a source close to the subject that calls us, is as follows; The average mobile phone traffic in the subways is 1/3 of the Istanbul traffic average. Because internet (data) and outside calls are prohibited in metro locations for security reasons.

However, the average rental price of mobile phone companies in 2014 for base stations in metropolitan areas is 2 compared to the areas in Istanbul. Compared to generated traffic and rental rates, the yield on non-metro sites is 6 times higher.

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