Tourists suffering from the road

Tourism professionals are troubled by the road: Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (KETOB) visited the Regional Directorate of Highways and conveyed their problems regarding road works.
KETOB President Tayyar Gül and board member Ali Balaban visited Şenol Altıok, Regional Director of Highways. KETOB President Gül explained that they experienced difficulties especially because road construction works were carried out during the tourism season. Stating that local and foreign tourists have to wait in traffic from time to time due to road construction works, Tayyar Gül emphasized that the agency buses that bring guests to Kemer are late for the airport transfer due to the works, so passengers face the risk of missing their planes. Noting that casualties occurred in accidents involving tour buses due to traffic density, KETOB President Tayyar Gül stated that tourism in the region had troublesome days due to this.
Highways Regional Manager Şenol Altıok also explained that he knew the problems experienced in the past years, and that they would provide a single lane flow without cutting the traffic in the road construction works started in Sarısu Mevkii, and that they will return to the double lane road on the part of the road up to Kemer center as of 15 May 2015.

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