Special Athletes Alpine Ski Racing Championship Turkey Ended

Special Athletes Alpine Ski Racing Championship Ended Turkey: Turkey Special Athletes Sports Federation program of activities carried out under Alpine Ski Racing Championship was held in Turkey Cibiltepe Ski Resort.

Turkey joined 16 athletes from 36 sports clubs in many cities in the competition. The competition was held in the straight landing and slalom category. Aliye Zeynep Bingöl for younger women, Kader Yavuz for older women, Murat Bingöl for young men, Sercan Doğrusöz for young men, Murat Duran for young men, Aliye Zeynep Bingöl for young women, Kader Yavuz for young women, Murat Bingöl for young men , İsmail Yılmaz in young men and Mehmet Yıldırım in older men won first place by giving their rivals superiority.

Turkey Special Athletes Sports Federation Vice President Kurt Ensor, said in a statement to reporters, he said they had completed their races scot-free Sarikamish beautiful track.

Kurt said, “As a federation, we make sports for our children in 14 branches. However, this is not just sports, the children are socializing here. We stay in five star hotels, they can get food on their own, they enter the pool. Such activities contribute greatly to the development of our children and their education. ”

That appeal to all families with disabilities in Turkey expressing Ansar Kurt, "the absolute introduce your children to the sport. Our goal is to make these children successful in European and World ski championships. I would like to thank our President, Prime Minister and sports minister, who are the biggest supporters of the disabled with laws and regulations, and the federation chairman and board of directors working day and night for these children. In addition, I express my gratitude to the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Services, who contributed to the organization of the competitions. ”

After the speeches, the medal was awarded to the athletes who were awarded with a ceremony. Kars Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Gürsel Polat, Kars Ski Provincial Representative Şinasi Yıldız and club managers and athletes attended the ceremony. After the ceremony, athletes took a picture of the collective memory.


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