Snow thickness in Erciyen found 2 meter

Snow depth in Erciyes reached 2 meters: Snow thickness reached 2 meters in Erciyes Ski Center.

According to the information received from the authorities of Erciyes AŞ, after two days of rainfall effective at intervals 2 200 2 altitude in the region of the snow thickness XNUMX meters found.

Snowfall is expected to be effective at night, officials said, snow on the tracks were made to be smashed by the snow slipped.

Authorities, which is effective in the middle of the season, the snowfall of tourism tourism face in the face of the tourists, said the rainfall is important in terms of elongation.

In the meantime, due to heavy fog on Kayseri-Erciyes road, transportation is provided with difficulty.

Traffic teams, the distance of the 30 meter in places, the driver falls on the route warns to be careful.