24 Clock Ski Pleasure in Palandökende

Enjoy Palandöken Ski 24 Clock: Palandöken weekend due to the intensity of Turkey's major ski resort is experiencing.

Snowfall in the region with an effective snowfall at Palandöken Ski Center has reached 95 centimeter snow thickness. The ski area, with its runways and lifts open, has reached the 100 with the holiday occupants at the weekend. Turkey's provinces as well as some especially Poland, Ukraine, Iran and holidaymakers from Russia, are enjoying skiing and snowboarding in Palandöken. While some of the tourists ski to Kalka, children also play in the parks created on snow.

Xanadu Snow White, Polat Renaissance and Dedeman Hotel with the illumination of the runways in the nightmakers also have the opportunity to glide, the entertainers have fun with the activities prepared by the animators.