Sinop has closed the highway passing the field

Sinop Closed Road Crossing The Field: Closed the road crossing the field In Sinop, 7-year-old Yaşar Bozkurt, who passed through the land of land on the grounds of the 64th Regional Directorate of Highways, closed the part of the road by pulling an iron pile and pulling a strip.
Yaşar Bozkurt, 7, who passed through the title land of the road constructed by the 64th Regional Directorate of Highways in SINOP, closed the part of the road by pulling an iron pile and pulling a strip due to the lack of expropriation. Closing the 100-meter section of the single lane of the two-way road puts drivers in a difficult situation.
The 3-kilometer highway between Sinop city center and the airport was expanded and reconstructed in 2012. Approximately 100 meters of the road passed over the 14-acre plot of Yaşar Bozkurt, a farmer. During the road work carried out by a subcontractor, allegedly the company officials were expropriated by the father of 5 children to Bozkurt. He said the price would be paid to him by the state.
Although the construction of the road for two years, despite the expropriation of the land aarazisi Yasar Bozkurt, Sinop Land Registry and Cadastral Provincial Directorate officials brought to the land and made measurements to determine the boundaries in the land. Then, he determined the boundaries of the deed land remaining on the 100 meter section of the road by nailing iron. He pulled the tape off. On the two-way road, the single lane was closed with iron bars, which stunned the drivers.
'They said we will pay the price in 2 months, it is 2 years'
Yaşar Bozkurt, who said that he was deceived and that his land was taken for the road, said: “I am in a difficult situation. They said to me, 'We will pay the price of your field in two months', but they did not. I did not have difficulty with them. I did not put stones in their work. I trusted their promise. Why did they fool me? Every door closes to my face when I go to look for my right. It's called no. This is my title deed. Now I'm dividing what belongs to me. I'm the victim. I want my right. ”
Nurettin Tosun, the 7th Branch Chief of Sinop Highways affiliated to the 78th Regional Directorate of Highways, said, “We had to renew their expropriation plans due to the cadastral renewal work on the airport road. Highways had to renovate. Therefore, there were delays. We will send these new plans to the General Directorate within 1 week. Approval of these takes 2 months in the Head Office. After approval, he will negotiate with the citizen. ”


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