Silifkeye 4. bridge

Silifke's 4th bridge good news: Silifke Mayor Dr. Mustafa Turgut, from the Adana Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board Directorate, stated that the necessary permit was obtained for the 4th bridge, and that Silifkeliler will have a 4th bridge after the Stone Bridge, Middle Bridge and Feyyaz Bilgen Bridge.
Stating that the 2000 annual historic Stone Bridge foundation on the Göksu River poses a danger due to the erosion of the tree roots and water formed in the river, Turgut said: I asked our fellow countrymen, and I realized they couldn't see the river. Because the river was covered with trees and grass. The families could not walk around the river with their children. There was a whole different world. When did we notice him? When we clear the grass, the trees around the river. Beds, chairs, injectors used for drugs and countless materials came from here.
In cooperation with DSI, we cleaned the trees, grasses and bushes in and out of the river. DSI then provided the safety of our people by building barriers on the banks of the river.
We have illuminated the Feyyaz Bilgen bridge and we are currently working on lighting the Göksu River. When we measure the area between the three bridges, it is an area of ​​about 2,5 km. We will erect poles around the Göksu every 20 meters and provide lighting. ” said.
Turgut continued his speech as follows: “When DSI entered the river, they saw that while working, they saw that the feet of our historic 2000-year stone bridge are weakened. It started to pose danger. As a result, the strengthening of the bridge legs came to the agenda. Of course, this will be done by DSI and included in the program.
The Stone Bridge needs to be restored to its original state. Concrete was poured on our historic bridge and cables were drawn. So after a while, during those works we have to close the stone bridge to traffic. Then the Stone Bridge will become original. Of course there is a need here. The room was our 4. We need to build the bridge on Göksu. We have prioritized and our friends continue the project in full swing. 4 to the level of the stone bridge. To build the bridge, it is necessary to meet with the Protection Board and obtain their permission. I went to Adana until 2 weeks ago and attended the Preservation Board meeting.
Here is the official 4. we got the bridge permission. Then, by doing our project, DSI and interviews, 4 here in a short time. God willing to make us the bridge will be fortune, 'he said.


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