Kocaoglu accused of discrimination: No reason in the rail system Izmir

Kocaoğlu accused of discrimination: Why is İzmir not in the rail system? Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, "I am very sorry that Mr. Prime Minister said that we are discriminating." he spoke. Kocaoğlu, who participated in a program on Ege TV, said, “Between 2004-2009, we had 15 mayors and mayors from the Justice and Development Party. This has not happened in five years. In 2009-2014, our friend Mehmet Kertiş was the mayor of Bayındır. He made some whimpers from time to time, but what we did at Bayındır until he received cash assistance. Of course, friends even talk about it. I think it's part of a script, a game. If the AK Party mayors do not say this, Mr. Prime Minister does not take such a thing into his mouth. So what's behind this? Why is this timing like this? Friends' whining, gathering, and dispersal for a month or two were already signaling something. ” said.

Mayor Kocaoğlu, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said, “There are complaints about the municipalities in the hands of other parties. We saw this in Izmir. AK Party members will almost give written answers in order not to serve the municipalities. ” On reminding her words, she said: “I am very sorry about the word discrimination. Mr. Prime Minister, in the same speech, hinted that there is a situation such as İzmir Metropolitan Municipality being cut from its sources. Actually it didn't imply, he said bluntly, 'We'll send the invoice.' But the decision of the Council of Ministers was published in the Official Gazette the day before Mr. Prime Minister's announcement. In this decision, it was stated that the rail system investments in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya were included in the 2015 program of the Ministry of Transport, but Izmir is not among them. Izmir had applied when the call was made four years ago, but the General Directorate of Infrastructure, Ministry of Transport, etc. From the front, there was no stirring for İzmir after that. Now the program has been announced, there is no action for İzmir again. I do not complain, we accepted it. This is under the authority of the central government, it is a decision, we said that we should respect. It is our citizens of Izmir who will actually evaluate the decision. This came immediately after. I don't know if it's hidden, covered up or perception management. These are the things that I have never been accustomed to. It is a pity that our friends are tools. Provincial President of the Justice and Development Party, the provincial president of this city. The deputy is the deputy of this city. Elected by the votes of the people of Izmir. Our winning presidents from AKP are the mayor of this city. They should have questioned, 'We are the ruling party. We're going to the election. No rail system project of Izmir is on the agenda at the Ministry, but there are others. ' They think that maybe we have money, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality does whatever it is, and that we should not allocate a share from the state budget to İzmir. I would be honored.

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