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the izbe

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) İzmir Branch President Bülent Çuhadar said that in İZBAN, which came to the agenda with an accident due to arcing in a train set last week, 1 mechanic and 1 assistant mechanic should be assigned to the sets, while a single employee is operated in order to save personnel. He warned to avoid further accidents.

BDS Izmir Branch, by 6 In February, Izmir Suburban System (Inc.) (İZBAN) operated by a train set due to the arching and some passengers were injured after the accident at the headquarters of the branch in Alsancak Station was made a press release. It is claimed that İZBAN, which provides public transportation services, is a profit-making company and does not do the maintenance of the train sets, which are carried as a result of the cost calculation. As in the case of TCDD trains, it is claimed that the necessity of double mechanic operation is not fulfilled in İZBAN trains. A similar explosion was observed between the Menemen-Aliağa districts and at the Hatundere district 10 days ago.

BTS İzmir Branch President Bülent Çuhadar, who mentioned that one of the 10 train sets that İZBAN rented with his driver two years ago, had an arc (with a spark) last week, said, “İZBAN is trying to get rid of the responsibility of the explosion and declares the passengers who suffered from panic and injured due to the explosion as guilty. First of all it should be known that; The responsibility of these sets rented from TCDD 2 years ago belongs to İZBAN A.Ş. Due to this profit ambition, which is the purpose of İZBAN, like every company that operates according to market rules, the requirements of the protocol it has made with TCDD are not fulfilled. Namely; In accordance with the protocol, the 3 million USD + 5 million Euro fee to be paid to TCDD for the first 5 years as line maintenance and usage fee has still not been paid. TCDD took the matter to the court and although the court decided to pay it, this price is still not paid ”.

Çuhadar stated that the monthly energy expense, which he stated as 625 thousand TL for the suburban system, 676 thousand TL for Menemen, 345 thousand TL for Çiğli and 1 thousand TL for Hilal, continues to be paid by TCDD, which "does not operate electric trains". Disregarding passenger safety with its ambition to make a profit, İZBAN A.Ş. continues to ignore the protocol it signed with TCDD. In this protocol, although it is said that 'train management is operated according to the provisions of TCDD legislation' and 1 mechanic and 1 assistant mechanic must be assigned in İZBAN sets in accordance with the legislation, in order to save personnel, management is carried out with 3 machinist. Sebahattin Eriş, who was previously the XNUMXrd Regional Director of TCDD, had a warning letter to İZBAN officials at that time. However, this did not change after Eriş became the General Manager of İZBAN. The railway transportation system is a system that requires knowledge and expertise. It cannot be done with the logic of bus management,” he said.

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