Samulaş Tramvay Tender Delivery to the Address?

Is Samulaşın Tram Newspaper Tender Delivered to Address? : Samulaş's Tramway Newspaper is bidding again. There are such articles in the tender specifications that if the tender is made as such, the only offer is inevitable…

The Tram Tram, which caused controversy in Samsun due to its cost; paper supply, printing and distribution tender will be held again on February 16. The newspaper is planned to print 2 million 103 thousand copies in a year. The paper supply, printing and distribution tender will be held again on February 52, 22 for the Tram Newspaper, which was brought to the public agenda recently and ended on January 2015, 16 due to its monthly cost of 2015 thousand TL. The newspaper, which is planned to be published 7 on weekdays and 3 on weekends, will have 2 million 103 thousand annual editions. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council CHP Group Deputy Chairman Erkan Akyüz stated that the monthly money that the Tram System took out from the pocket of the people of Samsun and put it on the road in the rail system in the press conference organized by the rail system in the past days due to passengers over 65 years old is about 52 thousand TL. He said, “When there are so many newspapers in Samsun and there are billboards, Tarmvay Newspaper is being published. The orphan whose hair is not finished has the right in that newspaper. ” he said.

As it is known, some of the items in the specifications of the previous tender were also the subject of discussion. “Newspaper paper coils, written in the technical specifications of the tender, will not be Jumbo sized. Its expression will be removed from the technical specification. Newspaper paper will be in coils of 76. ” There were discussions in the tender that the competition was eliminated due to the articles. However, this year, an addendum was published in the tender announcement published with these articles and these articles were changed. The final version of those items is as follows;

3.4. Newspaper coils will not be Jumbo size. The statement shall be removed from the technical specification.
3.5. Newspaper will be in 76 coils. instead of the expression;
3.4. Newspaper paper will be used as coil.
4.4. The size of the newspaper will be in table size. Instead of the statement;
4.4. Newspaper sizes will be table size (38 cm in length and 29 cm in width) in newspaper sizes. There may be a 5% (+) (-) tolerance in the size of the tram newspaper. ”

However, there is an item in the administrative specifications of the tender, which brings the question of whether the tender is delivered to the address! In the 47th article of the administrative specification on other issues, the condition of the staff employed in the past was not understood. If the administration is going to define the number and qualification of the personnel while purchasing a service, they have to put the cost of these people at the approximate cost and it should be clearly stated in the Unit Price Schedule. Here is the controversial article: ”The Tram newspaper will certify that it employs 3 graphic designers or page secretaries with 4 months of insurance, in order to avoid problems with the typesetting and graphics. The guillotine knife machine should be used to shave the tram newspaper after the printing is completed on the web offset. For this, the contractor must keep the original of the guillotine machine in the tender dossier. ”

Although it is explicitly stated in the Procurement of Service Procurement Implementing Regulation on the personnel status document, the administration seems to have exceeded its mandate in legislation. Here is the article on the subject in the legislation: Documents on the status of the personnel

ARTICLE 40 - (1) The number and qualifications of the personnel to be employed shall be specified in the document based on the nature of the work subject to the tender. However, as a criterion of participation in the tender and qualification by the administration, no documents can be requested for the personnel to be employed, to be operated or to the number or qualifications of the personnel.

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