Visually impaired people enjoyed skiing in Akdağ in Samsun

Visually impaired in Samsun enjoyed skiing in Akdag: Samsun Visually Impaired Sports Club members enjoyed skiing at Ladik-Akdag Ski Center over the weekend.

Samsun Visually Impaired Sports Club organized a weekend sports meeting with visually impaired athletes.

A visit was made to the Akdag Ski Center in Ladik district for the visually impaired athletes to get to know the skiing sport, to live in the environment, to gain awareness of social activity, to give a message of social cohesion and unity together. During the trip, our visually impaired athletes participated in the sled competitions and enjoyed themselves. The joy and happiness they experienced with the excitement of being in such an environment for the first time was read from their eyes. Athletes who will enter into a period of intense sporting activities at 2015 have put a stress on their pre-workouts in the coming days.

Samsun Firefighters Sports Club President Murat Fırat said in his statement: ediy In this organization which was organized by our club, Şub Six Dots Blind Association Samsun Branch es, Ladik Municipality and İlkadım Municipality and the Provincial Representative of Sports Federation İsmail Hakkı We thank Karaca. As the President of Samsun Visually Impaired Sports Club, when we were given support and support to our visually impaired athletes, we observed that there was nothing they could not do once again. After that, we will continue our activities by mobilizing all such facilities and continuing these kinds of organizations to increase the success bar of the visually impaired. Ayrıca