Saklıkentte organizes Snow Festivals and Ski Races

Saklıkent organizing and Snow Festival Ski Racing: Kepez Municipality, Turkey's most important ski centers located in the Hidden City 'Hidden City Festival of Snow and Ski Racing' organizing. Pop music artist Atiye will also give a concert at the festival.

Konyaaltı Municipality is signing a new project in Saklıkent. Konyaaltı Mayor Muhittin Böcek stated that they will meet the people of Antalya with Saklıkent with 'Saklıkent Snow Festivals and Ski Races', which will be held for the first time this year.

Stating that they will organize '1900.Konyaaltı Municipality Saklıkent Snow Festivals and Ski Races' at the 1 meters high Saklıkent Ski Center with a press conference, Mayor Böcek said that Saklıkent was a neighborhood of Konyaaltı Municipality after the March 30 Local Elections, He said they wanted to turn the first year into enthusiasm.

Stating that the program, which will start with slalom shows at 28 on Saturday, February 10.00, will continue with the races of skiers over the age of 11.00 at 45, President Böcek noted that the Snow Statue Workshop will be held with the participation of Akdeniz University, Erciyes University, Yüzüncü Yıl University, Balıkesir University and Ordu University. Expressing that the popular name of pop music Atiye will take the stage at 13.00, President Böcek said that they wanted to entertain the people of Antalya with an amazing concert after exciting races.

In the evening, there will be night ski shows with torches. President Böcek noted that the ski races of the athletes between the ages of 10.00-9, 12-13 and 16 will start at 16 on Sunday. Mayor Böcek stated that they will complete the festivities with the award ceremony they will organize after these races. President Insect invited all Antalya people to the two-day festival.