Road construction work in Kusadasi

Road construction in Kuşadası: Kuşadası's roads, the works started to be completed before the tourist season continues. The road construction campaign initiated by Kuşadası Municipality continues in full swing. Throughout the district, many streets and street roads causing complaints of citizens, paved asphalt and parquet is being renewed. In the first stage of the teams connected to the works of the municipality in the areas of vehicle traffic, both deteriorated due to natural reasons, as well as previously excavated points due to infrastructure work, mobilization and paving work initiated in other areas, road, sidewalk and environmental regulations in other neighborhoods. Within the framework of the works that started in the neighborhood of İkiçeşmelik, extending to Davutlar and spreading to other neighborhoods and streets, asphalt dump and parquet coating were made to many streets and streets in a short time. Municipality Teams recently started a big study in Güzelçamlı and Kadın Denizi neighborhoods. Guzelcamli neighborhood determined in the streets and streets, flooring work was completed and began to be covered with parquet. In the first stage, 11.000 square meter cobblestone will be laid on the streets and streets that open to the coastline. 25.000 square meters of cobblestone will be laid after the infrastructure and floor arrangement works are carried out on the streets opening to the beach in Women's Neighborhood.
Mayor Özer Kayalı, who explained that all roads and streets will be handled throughout the district before the season, said: “We will continue the arrangement of the roads of Kuşadası until we finish all the roads. We completed the roads in the neighborhood of İkiçeşmelik along with the sidewalks. Women's side roads, paving and asphalt tender in the sea was done, the roads will end in March. Davutlar and Guzelcamli neighborhoods need to be arranged piece by way. We've got a cobblestone, we're thinking of finishing it. We established our asphalt construction site. When the temperatures reach 7-8 degrees, we will start asphalt. Many roads across the district are the responsibility of the Metropolitan. The 18-20 kilometer road, which we have determined as a priority within the framework of our negotiations, will be paved. Some roads have property problems. For example, there is a road used in the way of Boyalık, but the ownership of some places belongs to the citizen. The biggest and most important road problem is around the crossroads of the highways. We are working to solve the problem. ”



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