The Ordinary General Assembly of the Railroad Trade Union was held at the weekend

The Ordinary General Assembly of Demiryol İş Union was held at the weekend: The Ordinary General Assembly of Demiryol İş Union was held at the weekend. The tension between the representatives of the government and the opposition and the tension between the Mayor and the agency workers were marked by the General Assembly.

The Ordinary General Assembly of Demiryol İş Union was held at the weekend. The tension between the ruling and opposition proxies and the Mayor on the agency workers marked the general assembly.

The revival of railways created excitement
Railway-Work Union 10. The Ordinary General Meeting was held at the Garden Kale Hotel in the weekend. Muharram Uslu'nun nominated by a single list in the General Assembly this time, but the list of deputies was not. Making the first speech at the General Assembly, Muharrem Uslu, the Head of the Railway Branch, said that the railways, which had been forgotten for the last half a century, had brought a new excitement to the forefront as in the era of Atatürk. Uslu said, görmek When we look at the railways today, we see that the high speed train lines, which are in operation and construction continue, all the existing lines have been renewed and all administrative buildings and equipments have been adapted to the requirements of the age. Political power shows the decisive policy and will of the railway each year by dividing the largest share of the budget into railways. Siy

Expression of social life
TCDD Regional Manager Enver Timurboğa said that unions are one of the indispensable elements of our democracy. “The railway-business union has gained respectable dignity and has an important place in our working life. 158, which has been continuing its golden age with the high-speed train enterprises, is the expression of social life and an annual culture. Nizamettin Senol Public-Sen Province representative wished the Board would be better. Şenol'un speeches arising from the use of the labor force as a result of the recruitment of the agency and the Mayor of the tension between the Mayor Shepherd has pulled out the dialogue.

He'il come to the place he deserves.
Referring to the importance of the State Railways for Afyon, MHP Deputy Kemalettin Yılmaz said, mah Almost every neighborhood has a retired person or a working person in the DDY or traves factory. DDY also contributed to the social life of Afyon. DD Stating that he will be a follower of the problems related to the subcontractor workers, Yılmaz said, sık You know DDY. It was. I follow the developments there. Speed ​​train work that had started too late for Turkey. This work is moved to the point where it will need to place it deserves in FDI should need freight transport passengers in Turkey, "he said.

Human life is above everything
Yilmaz said that Turkey's subcontractors working on the bleeding wound, "in the days of the past year in the agenda of relations with Armenia in Turkey at that time the Prime Minister had stated that the illegal Armenian workers around 49 thousand. Since then, we know that both Iraq and Syria have been working in informal and non-insured or very low wages. Çalıştırıl Referring to work accidents, Yilmaz said, ömr Human life and human life is above everything. It is necessary not only to enact laws on labor and workers' safety, but also to control them well. Kanun

Ali Çetinkaya is not forgotten
CHP MP Ahmet Toptaş started his speech by commemorating Ali Çetinkaya and said, mek I feel sorry for seeing the name of the Afyon railway and the people who founded the republic in the lands where this nation was founded. Ali Çetinkaya made an 1600 km route during his ministry period and 4 has reclaimed the thousand km railroad railway by nationalizing it from the French and the Germans. I feel the need to mention it here. Burada Toptaş said that the railways had a significant place in his own life and said:-İsmet Pasha in 1937 turned the road to Afyon-Denizli in XNUMX. Pasha said I brought you a railroad. Go to the city by train and see the world go shopping. And I read it by carrying the bread with my train on that railway. Ve

Workers have to be opposition
Toptaş said that the problems of labor are too much and the source of this is the result of a worse organization than the past. Örgüt When the unions surrendered to the fascist dictatorships, they lost everything. Trade unions must defend their rights. Do governments now have a collective agreement? Does he have the right to strike? The unions have no resistance. Send Toptaş said that the occupational safety law was issued after the 301 in Soma was buried in the ground, and underlined that it was compulsory for the workers to be in opposition to whoever was in power.

Did we bring the subcontractor?
AK Party deputy Halil Product, the opposition parliamentarians to respond to the response was the name. ”If I don't say something to the people,“ said the Product, bir It is possible to say a few things without pressing the feet, but there are realities. They're going to get the subcontracting, lift up, remove it. We have established subcontracting eron Sub-contracting AK Party did not. We, as the AK Party, brought this country to the country from outside the country brought bureaucrats, Biz he said.

People do not want CHP
Product that underlines this nation, ğin AK Party you. The nation has formed the AK Party. Abuse points, no problems? Of course I have, but I am struggling with those problems as much as my friends at the opposition party. And when we look at the whole picture, there's a better going. There is democracy, the polls are in front of the people. There is no media freedom. There's media freedom. From morning until evening, the 24 clock has the right to attack the government, and they do it. What more? CHP is the party of Turkey's founder is true. People choose us and we respectfully accept. But the issue is that the people do not want the CHP, '' he said.

If we take staff, we'il close the municipality.
Mayor Burhanettin Çoban said, bu We are always together with all our friends who work here both as Mayor of this city and as a member of this city. When it comes to railways, a Sultan Abdülhamit Khan comes to mind Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Even though the Tenth Year march was reflected in the breakthrough in railways, he said that the breakthrough there then remained. Referring to the issue of contract workers Shepherd, "a thousand 1 300 million unionized workers in Turkey as of January 2015. We have 1100 subcontractors. If we recruit these workers, we have to close the municipality the next day. Bu

AHMET TOPTAŞ: Subcontracting cannot be improved. Administration between subcontractors and workers cannot provide a dialogue. Subcontracting is a matter of slavery, should be removed immediately. When we come to power, we will remove this system in the first hundred days and recruit agency workers.
HALİL ÜRÜN:, fakat It is possible to say a number of things without pressing the feet, but there are realities. They're going to get the subcontracting, lift up, remove it. We have established subcontracting sab I say Kemalettin abi, Ahmet abi, I have respect for everyone but we have the limit of our patience.
KEMALETTİN YILMAZ: How nice you started at the beginning. I demand that you speak with a level of power and responsibility without compromising the grandeur of the congress. There will be no wounding by shouting people. The sun is not plastered.
BURHANETTIN ÇOBAN: Now our valuable representative when we come to power, we will do all of the subcontracted workers. Let's do it in the power of Aydın in İzmir.
AHMET TOPTAŞ: There is no staff law, it is not AŞ
BURHANETTİN ÇOBAN: We didn't intervene while you were talking. You don't know my deputy.
AHMET TOPTAŞ: Don't accuse me of not knowing. If you have a staff, you will get it. Don't talk because she doesn't know, you tell her that you know Bil
BURHANETTİN ÇOBAN: I can ask the staff if I want, but if I take these workers to the squad, the municipality cannot remove this burden. Let's not go away, hodri challenge! If MHP municipalities want, they can get subcontractors to the staff immediately P
KEMALETTİN YILMAZ: Reaching there. Look at your own business, don't mess with MHP, bro.
BURHANETTİN ÇOBAN: But you started this situation
AHMET TOPTAŞ: I didn't say nobody is lying to anybody, I didn't say to anyone, I have the right to criticize the power
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