Special Tools to be Used in the Fight Against Snow

Special tools will also be used if there is a need in the fight against snow: A meeting for the fight against snow was held in Kayseri Governorship. During the fight against snow, it was decided to make use of tow trucks, winners and cranes belonging to natural and legal persons in case of inadequate public vehicles.
At the Snow Fighting and Coordination Meeting, all measures to be taken in the winter season and in adverse weather conditions were reviewed and the coordination between the relevant units was determined. According to the decision taken at the meeting, the metropolitan, Melikgazi, Kocasinan municipalities, snow cleaning and plowing efforts will be carried out against the adverse weather conditions that may occur in the streets and streets in the city and all neighborhoods in the traffic measures to be taken during the winter season. In addition, snow clearing against snow and icing that may occur in adverse weather conditions in the winter season, between the entire road leading to Erciyes following the Hisarcık road from the city center and the Erciyes Hacılar, which is outside the responsibility area of ​​the 6th Regional Directorate, paving works will be done.
During the winter season, the Police Department and the Gendarmerie Command traffic teams will take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of life and property of the citizens in adverse weather conditions. Highways 6. Regional Directorate, which is responsible for the provincial roads and provincial roads in the province of the country in case of adverse weather conditions in the hands of the snow-fighting vehicle equipment and personnel will do the necessary work. DSI 12. The Regional Directorate will assist the other official institutions involved in the fight against snow, if necessary with the machinery used in the official services against the adverse weather conditions that may occur in the province.
Meteorology 7th Regional Directorate will send the weather forecast reports one day before to the 6th Regional Directorate of Highways, Metropolitan Municipality, Melikgazi and Kocasinan municipalities, the Provincial Gendarmerie Command Traffic Branch Directorate, during the winter season. ne will notify the Provincial Security Directorate Regional Traffic Supervision Branch Directorate and the local Traffic Supervision Branch Directorate by fax. In addition, the weather reports will be reported to the 6th Regional Directorate of special conditions during the winter season, such as Pınarbaşı-Göksun road Dokuzdolambaç pass, Pınarbaşı-Gürün road Mazıkıran pass, Yeşilhisar-Niğde road Araplı pass, Kayseri-Sivas road Beştepeler pass.
During the winter, the electricity network in the adverse weather conditions by constantly checking the power failure in Kayseri and Electricity Electricity Company will take the necessary measures urgently. In case of insufficiency of existing public vehicles, towers, savior and cranes belonging to private and legal persons will be used in case of need.
In case of road closures that may occur due to adverse weather conditions on state roads connecting Kayseri to other provinces; In case of Kayseri-Malatya state road closure, the roads will be cut by the teams of the Regional Traffic Supervision Branch at the Mimarsinan junction, and the drivers coming from this direction will be directed to the direction of Kayseri-Sivas road and will go to Pınarbaşı direction. If the Kayseri-Nevşehir road (Avanos) is closed, the vehicles that will go to this direction from Boğazköprü are sent through Himmetdede-Kalaba road, those who will use the direction of Boğazköprü in the direction of Malatya-Sivas, those who will use the direction of Boğazköprü are obligatory when there is a negative situation in this direction. It will be provided that those who come from Sivas-Malatya direction will use the same route without being sent to the city center. Since Kayseri-Ankara state highway is closed, there are no alternative routes, so vehicles going to this direction will be kept in the city center. Despite all the precautions taken on these roads, in case of a road closure situation, the organizations assigned will be asked to notify the neighboring provinces and send vehicles. In adverse weather conditions, Kayseri bus station, Pınarbaşı district center, Yeşilhisar district center have been designated as waiting places, and in emergency and vital situations, passengers will be kept in the nearest district centers and fuel stations.
Depending on the weather forecast reports to be obtained from the 7th Regional Directorate of Meteorology in adverse weather conditions, the relevant law enforcement officers will keep the vehicles that have rescuers in risky areas in appropriate areas in case of the possibility of both large and small vehicles on the road. The 6th Regional Directorate of Highways, Metropolitan Municipality and law enforcement officers will be in constant communication, especially considering the events experienced in the previous years on the road connecting Kayseri city center and Develi district center.
While the construction machines and facilities of the official non-governmental organizations are collectively commissioned for the fight against snow and rescue activities, the Provincial Directorate of Health will be appointed by the Provincial Directorate of Health in case of requests to be held by those responsible for the waiting point to carry out health checks at the waiting points of the passengers.

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