Paris bomb panic cancels train service

In Paris, bomb panic flights aborted: Due to the 2 World War II bomb during construction work in Paris, trains were canceled when the surrounding houses were evacuated.

During the construction work in the nearby suburb of Noisy-Le-Sec, Paris, 2 had to leave their homes because of the British-origin bomb from the world war. Those who left their homes were temporarily placed in gyms. Bomb experts who came to the scene, the excavation during the construction work to neutralize the bomb, the bomb line passing through the position where the bomb was announced to be temporarily closed. The temporary cancellation of international and intercity high-speed trains TGV and commuter trains departing from the Gare de l'est train station has also hampered the transportation of the passengers on the route. In the suburbs where the bomb was located close to the place of the Turkish citizens living in the nearby suburbs of some Turkish citizens took refuge in the house were recorded.

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