Skiing And Sledding

Skiing and Sledding in Sunny Weather in Palandök: Among the most important ski resorts in the world, Palandöken has enjoyed the pleasure of skiing and skiing in sunny weather.

At the Palandöken Ski Center, where many densities were experienced due to semester breaks, local and foreign tourists from many cities of the country enjoyed skiing and sledding in sunny weather. Citizens who flocked to the runways knowing sunny weather created colorful images in Palandöken Ski Center. From the 7 to the 70, everyone enjoyed the skiing in Palandöken, while the little ones enjoyed the holiday by sledding. Skiers who spent the semester vacation skiing in Palandöken said that everything was convenient to ski on the tracks. The skiers said, bil Today in Erzurum, the weather is sunny and we have the opportunity to enjoy this sunny weather. Our holiday is very nice. We chose Palandöken because of the holidays and we came here on holiday. Our children have fun here too, Çocuklar they said.

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