Nostalgic tram 101 years old

📩 01/12/2018 17:19

Nostalgic tram is 101 years old: The electric tram, which was used and restored in Istanbul 101 years ago, started to serve on Istiklal Street.

The 101st anniversary of the Nostalgic Tram within IETT was celebrated at the ceremony held in Tünel.

At the ceremony, one of the first electric trams used in the city was restored in commemoration of the 101st year and put back into use. 1966 model tram, which served in Istanbul until 1914, will continue on its way with "49 number" after 115 years. Thus, the number of trams operating on Istiklal Street was 4.

IETT General Manager Mümin Kahveci traveled on Istiklal Street with the authorities and citizens on the tram from Tünel. During the trip, a music group affiliated to the Beyoğlu Beautification Protection Association gave a concert.

Speaking to journalists on the tram, Kahveci said that Nostalgic Tram has a very important place for Istanbulites.

Expressing that the tram started to serve in 1914, Kahveci said, “It is a line that has been serving our people since the Ottoman times. One of the oldest lines in the world. It is a very important line identified with Istanbul. Today we are celebrating the 101st anniversary of this establishment, ”he said.

Kahveci about the surprise of this year, preparing a surprise, said:

“We are restoring one of our first trams to serve on this line and put it back into service. This tram, which we were in and gave the number 115, served on various lines. He retired in 1966 on the Asian side. Then it was restored to its original form by our working colleagues. It is one of the first vehicles to provide tram service to Istanbulites. He will work in the Taksim area. We also have such a line on the Anatolian Side. There are other areas where our municipality is considering building a nostalgic tram. We will put this tram into service there. "

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