Palandökende night skiing demand increased

Night skiing in Palandöken created an increase in demand: Thanks to the artificial snow system, Palandöken doubled the occupancy rates in Palandöken, where there was no shortage of snow.

The world's major ski resorts in ski time of 7 hours per day to 12 hours thanks to lit runways located in Palandöken ski season in Turkey with an average of 90 days artificial snow theme was extended to 120 days. Night skiing in particular doubled the occupancy rates.

Thanks to the investments made in Palandöken Ski Center by various institutions and organizations and hotel business owners, many chairlifts and lifts were renewed and new tracks were opened.

In order to prevent snow shortage, artificial snowing system is installed in every runway and snow is made from ponds with the help of water when the air temperature falls below 5. Thanks to the illuminated tracks, local and foreign tourists can enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledding until late in the evening.

Especially those who do not want to be disturbed by the art community and day runs prefer night skiing.

Bora Kamber, the general manager of a hotel operating in Palandöken, stated that Palandöken has started to exceed itself with the investments made, and that there has been a great investment especially in the last two or three years.

Stating that they have made an investment of 5,5 million Euros only on the tracks this year as a hotel, Kamber said, “We changed our lifts and the ski rooms were renewed. You can take the property five meters after the ski room in our hotel. We produced a cabinet for every guest. We parked on the snow, not only for adults but also for children. Thanks to the investments made, Palandöken provides better quality service to ski lovers every day. ”

Emphasizing that Palandöken is much more intense this year compared to previous years, Kamber emphasized that all the hotels operating in the ski center operate at 100 percent capacity.

“Palandöken, the only ski center that guarantees snow throughout the season”

Pointing out that Palandöken has plus advantages, Kamber said, “One of the investments was artificial welfare systems. At the moment, the only ski center that does not have snow problems and guarantees snow throughout the season is Palandöken Mountain. Also, there is the possibility of night skiing here, our guests. Because while skiing ends at around 16.30-17.00 in all mountains, skiing continues until 21.00-22.00 in Erzurum ”.

All of the runways illuminated, guests can enjoy the night skiing Kamber stating, some tourists reached the hotel in the evening and that evening, empty skiing at night, he said.

Underlining that night skiing is a big advantage, Kamber said:

“Skiing is very short. Night skiing had a potential impact here. It increased the occupancy rates. We can even say that night skiing has doubled tourism. We get requests for night skiing from those who do not want to meet people during the day, especially from the art community. Celebrities do not want to slip during the day, of course, prefer night skiing, thinking that it may be uncomfortable on the tracks. They become more free, the tracks become calm. Night skiing is a great advantage especially for ski lovers. ”

“Night skiing has created a huge increase in demand”

Another hotel's general manager Lance Altug up with the artificial snow system with an average of 90 days to 120 days, stressing that they remove the ski season in Turkey, said that this year would be the year of the Palandöken winter season.

Kargı said that they received reservations for the months of February and March and that there was never a full occupancy.

“Night skiing has created a huge increase in demand. We increased the illuminated runways, which were 800 meters last year, to 300 meters. We have the opportunity to increase the ski time of 7 hours on the tracks without lighting system up to 12 hours thanks to our illuminated tracks. This is a great advantage for us. Our guests who come in the afternoon also have the opportunity to ski in the evening. Day and night workers are skiing at night in the city center and are tired of the day. ”

"I am skiing especially in the evenings," said Efsun Yıldırım, one of the holidaymakers, saying that night skiing is a different pleasure.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:08

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