Successful trial of new freight route from China to Europe

The trial of a new freight route from China to Europe has been successful: the 13-kilometer line of mutual freight train from China to Spain has been completed.

China 's attempt to open a new alternative to Europe transport road was successful. The freight train departing from Yivu, China, went back to Madrid. The round-trip 26 thousand kilometers distance is completed in 4 months. The train, loaded with Christmas decorations and cheap souvenirs from Yivu in November, arrived in Madrid in mid-December. The train that took the olive oil load reached Yivu and completed its campaign. China's new iron silk road has been taken by 30-45 to 2, which could be completed by day. Thus, the railroad carriage was cheaper compared to airline transportation. The new line is expected to further increase trade between China and the US over $ 360 billion.



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