Village children learn skiing in Muş

📩 24/11/2018 14:09

Village children are learning skiing in Muş: Güzeltepe Village children are taught skiing by the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports.

Ski coaches Aydın and Şeref Erdoğan, 7 children in the 14-70 age range provide 6 hours per day. For years, they left the hose and cornice they used to slip, and given the ski suit and equipment given to them, the children were going to the ski slopes.

Şeref Erdoğan, ski instructor, said the following about the practice:

“The village's children had been sliding with a cornice and a hose before. We decided to teach these children with talent to ski. They receive a professional education and enjoy the holiday. They are very successful. Because the muscle structures of the children in the village have a more developed and strong body than the children in the city center. Our trainings, which started at 10.00 throughout the holiday, continue until 4 in 16.00 groups. ”


Baran Yıldırım, one of the children who stated that it is a great pleasure to slide in Güzeltepe Ski Center, which they have always watched from afar, said, “We are having such fun for the first time on holiday. All we dream of being a good skier. Until now, we have been skiing with cornices and hoses, now we have real ski suits. My goal is to continue my training here and be a good skier. ”