Eye of National Snowboarder Muhammed Boydak at European Championship

The Eye of National Snowboarder Muhammed Boydak At the European Championship: National snowboarder Boydak: “I am getting ready for 3 hours of training in Sarıkamış at high altitude and between scotch pine trees.

Sarıkamış national snowboarder Muhammed Boydak is preparing for the European Junior Snowboard Championship at Cıbıltepe Ski Center.

Prepared for the European Youth Snowboard Championship to be held in Italy, 17-year-old national snowboarder Boydak is doing his trainings alone at Cıbıltepe Ski Center.

Boydak, a national snowboarder living in Sarıkamış and studying in high school, strengthens his condition by training 2 hours a day in the yellow pine forests at an altitude of 634 thousand 3.

Boydak, 16th in the Snowboard Youth Olympics held in Austria in January, aims to become the European champion.

Boyd, AA correspondent, Turkey is number one in the junior category, snowboarding, said that getting good grades in international races.

National athletes as 7 years he participated in many races, emphasizing that Turkey would like to announce the name of the branch in the snowboarding world Boydak, said:

“I am the athlete of Bursa Uludağ Snowboard Racing School. I attend the competitions on behalf of Uludağ Snowboard Racing School, since the administrators of this school give us all kinds of support. The reason I am training in Sarıkamış is that it is very effective in conditioning, breathing exercises on crystal snow in forests. This month, I will attend the International Ski Federation (FIS) races in Switzerland and then the European Junior Snowboard Championship to be held in Italy. My only goal is to fly our flag in the international arena by doing the best of all time. For this, I believe that I will achieve this with the energy I gathered in Sarıkamış.

📩 24/11/2018 14:10

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