MHP Adana Provincial Chairman Yusuf Baştan Metro Exit

Metro Exit from MHP Adana Provincial Chairman Yusuf Baş: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Adana Provincial Chairman Yusuf Baş; He said that the government provided concessions to AKP municipalities with the public's money, but went on to punish MHP municipalities.
Baş We are not opposed to undertaking the investment costs of the local administrations by the Ministries, Yusuf he said after the emergence of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime Affairs under the decision of the Council of Ministers to construct the 3 metro and 1 tram lines in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya, where the metropolitan municipalities of the AKP are located. we are against discrimination and injustice when applying. It is unacceptable for the AKP to punish the MHP municipalities while the political power opens its mouth to the AKP municipalities. ”
MHP Adana Provincial Chairman Yusuf Baş said the following:
Cumhurbaşkanı Mr. President promised our fellow countrymen about the 2011 separate investment in the station square in Adana before the 11 elections during the Prime Minister's term. The islander still hasn't been able to see these services. The transfer of the Metro, which caused the 40 to be debited to the debts of the Metropolitan Municipality's revenue to the Ministry of Transportation, and the construction of the second 8.5 kilometer project on the Akincilar-Cukurova University route were also included in these promises. Even 4 had made the same promise in June 2014 before the election. Unfortunately, four years have passed and two have been promised; there is still no action. ”
President Baş finished his statement with the following statements:
“Again, before an election, the Government, which burdened the investments of AKP municipalities on the state, seems to have forgotten the promises made to Adana. This is political discrimination. This is AKP's election. kazanto punish the people where it fails. If the current Government wants to serve the whole nation, not a particular people; It cannot discriminate, squander the nation's money, abuse its authority, and use the property of 77 million people as a means of political revenge. However, we know that; The valiant people of Adana, who were generous to the AKP even though they did not deserve it, do not bow to blackmail and pressure. Our fellow citizens will not forget these squinting glances at Adana and will do what is necessary. ”

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