Bursam on the road to becoming a metropolis

way to becoming the metropolis if this: prints the name of the first name of the rail system in Turkey, the first domestic tram first local subway car manufactures now progressing well towards producing fast train and Turkey's uninterrupted longest city rail How our seats for a scholarship with the system line kabarts to I think Bursaray is among the provinces that lag behind in terms of regulations for the disabled. The insensitivity to access to transportation as well as to transportation has caused the disabled to revolt, and the scrapped platforms that look like elevators in Merinos and Kültürpark stations, which are the most used routes by disabled citizens, become inefficient day by day and make our disabled people constantly aggrieved, and these need to be changed urgently. Complaints about elevators are not interrupted, and Burulaş responds the same to every complaint.


In the meantime, it does not appeal to all obstacle groups in the renewed elevators, and the arrival of the call buttons placed in the height of the floor in places 1,20 cm to be found in the 70 cm does not meet the European disabled norms.

When the tender of the metropolitan municipality 60 subway wagons comes to ignore the right of transportation of the disabled to these wagons dı Moreover, the subway wagons from the date of 2.el fi, which was recently put into the recently opened Kestel line, do not even have a deplorable side mirror. Check whether there is and moving the subway. Doors do not open again in a jammed object, not automatic. The wagons are so incompatible with the station platform that sometimes the elevation between the platform and the wagon finds 20 cm, but doesn't the platform and wagon height equal?

Again in these wagons;

No visual signaling for visually impaired citizens…

There is no visual warning for our hearing impaired citizens…

The journey of the disabled citizens to the east side of the city turns into torture and ordeal thanks to these wagons lar

Because it is beyond impossible to get into the wagon without assistance…

With the help of the citizens of the crow tulumba are removed from the wagon. The security guards who work at the west side stations are insensitive about the disabled people in the east side stations… Believe me, I have disabled friends who don't want to leave their homes just because of the wagons and the officers on this east side.

I was wondering, couldn't the money given to these wagons be used for more useful work for the scholarship? For example, can not you revise the disabled platforms that you cannot revise because your budget is not sufficient?

Or could not the Metropolitan provide equal services from the east to the West to the disabled to healthy individuals?

Our disabled citizens live in the east of this city, they have the right to receive quality service in them all over the city.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality or Burulaş transportation barriers that will see when.

I understood from the problems…

In my opinion, in Burulaş, disabled people in some subjects…

Wishing all obstacles in our lives can be overcome…

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 17:13

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