Konak Tunnels will be opened in May

Konak Tunnels will be opened in May: AK Party İzmir deputy Denizli: iyor The end of concrete pavement and asphalt works is coming to an end, and in May the vehicle will begin the transition from Konak Tunnels Konak
AK Party Izmir deputy Ilknur Denizli, Konak Tunnels will be opened in May to the vehicle transition, causing the nationalization of the Damlacık district will become a tourist center, he said.
Denizli made a written statement after the study trip in the tunnels, left tube after the light in the right tube at the end of February, the light appears, the permanent concrete pavement and asphalt works will be completed in May and will begin the passage of vehicles from Konak Tunnels.
İzmir Deputy and the former Minister of Transport Mr. Binali Yıldırım announced that 2011 project is one of the 35 project in the 674 elections. will provide.
Not to succeed in the construction of the Konak Tunnels to prevent the construction of the environment can not reach the success of these tunnels, but this section will be used when expressing the most of the tunnel in Denizli, the center of the discussions in the center of the Damlacık expropriated use of the public interest will be used in the areas reported.
Denizli stated that the registered buildings in Damlacık will be restored, the buildings will continue to live in the non-risky buildings, and the areas where the demolished buildings will be used for public benefit, Denizli explained the following statements:
Sem After the tunnels are finished, the Damlacık district will be one of the favorite attractions of İzmir. The restoration of the historic Damlacık Mosque begins. We will see a completely different Droplet with the addition of functions to the historic buildings above the Konak Tunnels. The historical artifacts unearthed during the excavations in the region were delivered to the museum authorities. Currently, the classification of historical works continues. We can exhibit the artifacts that are still in the project stage but have been removed and turned them into museums in the region. Proje
Ilknur Denizli, the project closely following the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi said Elvan'a thanked.

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