Konak Tunnels will be opened in May

Konak Tunnels will be opened in May: AK Party Izmir deputy Denizli: "Permanent concrete pavement and asphalt works are coming to an end, vehicle passage will begin from Konak Tunnels in May."
AK Party İzmir Deputy İlknur Denizli stated that Konak Tunnels will be opened to vehicle passage in May, and Damlacık district, which caused expropriation reactions, will become a tourist center.
Denizli, who made a written statement after the inspection tour he made in the tunnels, stated that after the left tube, the light was seen in the right tube as of the end of February, the permanent concrete pavement and asphalt works will be completed in May and the vehicle passage from the Konak Tunnels will start.
Stating that Konak Tunnels, one of the 2011 projects announced by İzmir Deputy and former Minister of Transport Binali Yıldırım in the 35 elections, is 674 meters long, and this length is 2 meters with roundabouts and connection roads, Denizli, the tunnels contribute to the relief of urban traffic. stated that he would provide.
Stating that the circles trying to prevent the construction of Konak Tunnels could not succeed, however, these tunnels would be used the most when they are opened to traffic, Denizli said that the expropriated areas in Damlacık district, which is at the center of the discussions, will be used for the public interest.
Stating that the registered buildings in Damlacık will be restored, life will continue in those who are not risky from the evacuated buildings, and the areas where the demolished buildings will be used for public benefit, Denizli gave the following statements in his statement:
“After the arrangements to be made when the tunnels are finished, Damlacık district will be one of the favorite touristic places of Izmir. The restoration of the historic Damlacık Mosque begins. We will see a completely different Droplet with the historical buildings on the Konak Tunnels added to function. The historical artifacts unearthed during the excavations in the region were delivered to the museum officials. Currently, the classification of historical artifacts continues. We are still in the project phase, but we can exhibit the unearthed works by turning the registered buildings in the region into museums. "
İlknur Denizli also stated that they thanked Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, who closely followed the project.



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