Trouvasses in Malatya prepare to carry passengers

Malatyada TRAMBUS is preparing to passengers: After a long hiatus in Turkey for the first time will be introduced in Malatya TRAMBUS, will be on the road after the test drive ...

After a long break for the first time in Turkey will be introduced in Malatya TRAMBUS it is being prepared for carrying passengers. Within the scope of transportation services of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, test drives of trams whose road works have been completed are carried out.


Many years ago, but then canceled in Ankara and in Istanbul TRAMBUS used, equipped with new technologies to go to the state for the first time in Malatya in Turkey are subjected to road test drive. Connected to electrical wires with the catenary system on them and can also be used with diesel engines, the trams can speed up to 80 kilometers. Test drives of 270 trams, each with a capacity of 10 people, are carried out by loading approximately 18 tons of sand.


The vehicle in front of the 1,5 strip over the ability to overtake the trambus is scheduled to come to traffic in March. Using the ring road within the city from Malatya bus terminal to go into the Inonu University campus area, the trambles will travel about one thousand kilometers each turn.


Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the system used in Ankara and Istanbul in the past was not equipped with technology, and after a while he withdrew from transportation. Stating that the vehicles, which have become better equipped thanks to new technological developments, are extremely comfortable, Çakır said, “In the new system, hybrid engines have been developed and highly reinforced. They go up slopes where normal vehicles and buses cannot go. Trabuses with high incline climbing power and much more passenger capacity have lower operating costs. At the same time, it is a complete environmental investment ”. Pointing out the importance of the feasibility of the vehicles used in transportation services, Çakır said, “The Trambus system is a project that can pay for itself in 6-7 years. It has an advantage of up to 70 percent compared to normal diesel vehicles. Therefore, we have to increase the quality of public transportation and provide more passenger transportation, ”he said.


Expressing that they created a healthy system in Malatya for the first time, Çakır said, “Our project is about to be completed right now. Test drives are in progress. After these are completed, we will start carrying passengers. Our project is really a project that will be an example to Turkey. Many municipalities should switch to this. As Malatya Municipality, we have produced many exemplary projects. I think it will be the same. We have to provide the highest quality service in the transportation service sector, regardless of profit or loss. For this, we have to bring the operating expenses to the appropriate level. This system covers them all. We will put it into service with a good ceremony. " said.

Explaining that there are municipalities that follow the Trambus system, Çakır said that some delegations from abroad came and made examinations. Çakır described the trambus system as "one of Malatya's prestige projects".

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