Lodos shock in Bursa! Bursaray will not work in 3 days (Video)

The shock of lodos in Bursa! Bursaray will not work for 3 days: The lodos, whose speed reached 100 kilometers per hour from time to time in Bursa, hit the Bursaray transportation. Major damage occurred in the morning due to the crane falling on the line. BURULAŞ stated that Bursaray flights cannot be made for 3 days.

The crane used in the construction of the stadium fell on the Bursaray line due to the lodos, whose speed sometimes reached up to 100 kilometers per hour in Bursa. With the stretching of the catenary wire, ruptures occurred on the line for about 1 kilometer. While the overturned crane parts were also damaged, the sleepers and rails were damaged, and it was stated that the work in this area could take at least three days after the lifting of the crane. While a temporary solution was produced for rail transportation with ring services between Karaman - Emek and Nilüfer - University stations, it was noted that a large part of the Bursaray Kestel line was damaged and the line will be overhauled.

Bursa started yesterday and increasing the effect of lodos, the biggest blow hit the Bursaray line. The big crane used in the construction of the new stadium built by the Metropolitan Municipality was overthrown in the morning at the 05.30 ranks due to severe lodos on the Bursaray line and on the Izmir - Ankara highway. In the meantime, a person in a commercial taxi pass the event that caused the loss of life on the road crane parts were removed after approximately 10 hours of work. While the highway was opened to traffic, the biggest damage was determined by Bursaray lines. Due to the overturning of the crane on the kataner wire, the wires were damaged along the line of the 4 kilometer. Crane parts were damaged by traverses and rails, while Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy examined the scene with his technical team.

Bursaray will not work at least 3 days

Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy indicating that the rail system has done inspections in the entire line, even the great damage to the overthrown crane, he said. Fidansoy stated that the work could not be started without lifting the crane, “Parts falling on the highway have been removed but the parts on the rail system line still remain. In addition, as a result of stretching of the kataner wire, not only this region, but about 1 kilometers in the area of ​​the wire breaks occurred. There's damage on traverses and rails. When the crane is lifted, we will begin the work not removed. Re-drawing of the line and repairing damaged rails is necessary. At least 3 will not be able to run flights during the day long. Lam

The East stage will be overhauled again

Fidansoy stated that the damage to the Bursaray lines caused damage to the elements such as advertising signs and roof parts that were blown from the surrounding buildings, and that they had found great damages in the Kestel line and that the line would have to be pulled from the beginning. Kataner should stop the wind to pull the wire, but it is expected to be effective until Tuesday lodos Fidansoy, Karaman - Emek and Nilufer - University stations will produce solutions to the problem by ringing the ring, said: We have received. This number will be increased according to need. Due to the fact that most of the line is disabled in 3 days, our citizens should not leave their homes unless they are required. We started the work to solve the problem as soon as possible with all our teams. Tüm



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