Headphones hit by train listening to music

While listening to music with headphones, the train hit. In Adana, when he was going to work with his electric bike, he was hit by a train at a level crossing. The severely injured young were taken to the hospital.

The incident occurred in the neighborhood of the district of Tüyilli Yüreğir. Allegedly, Abdulrahman Yeşildeniz 19-year-old 07: 30 ranks out of the house on his electric bike began to go towards the business.

Meanwhile, while Yeşildeniz was listening to music by wearing headphones to his mobile phone, Ege Bağatur came to the level crossing. Citizens warned Yeşildeniz, who wanted to use the level crossing while the automatic barrier was closed, shouting, "The train is passing, don't cross the street," but nobody could make his voice heard because he was listening to music with headphones. In the meantime, the train coming from Mersin direction crashed into the electric bike used by Yeşildeniz.

Yeşildeniz, flung under the influence of the impact, fell to the edge of the train. His electric bike was broken. Citizens seeing the incident immediately called the ambulance. Health teams from the scene removed Yeşildeniz Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital. It has been learned that the danger of life when treating your green.

Yeşildeniz music back from the accident site, he was listening to music remained headphones.



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