Kudaka Board Members Ski on Ergan Mountain

Kudaka Board of Directors Skied on Ergan Mountain: KUDAKA board members came together in a meal program organized in Taşçı Mansion.

After the dinner program of the board, he made some observations and skiing at the Ergan Mountain Ski Resort.

Governor Kahraman, who made skiing with members of the board of directors of KUDAKA, said in a statement; stating that skiing is an important sport; Una As the governor of the province, we encourage our citizens to ski. In fact, this is a great blessing, I advise all our citizens to do sports here. Because they will have both sport and fun. Çünkü

Governor of Erzurum In his statement, Ahmet Altıparmak said that he did not expect that Ergan Mountain was so beautiful and that it was an ideal ski resort for professional skiers.

Governor Kahraman and KUDAKA Board Members shared their impressions of the Ergan Mountain with Vali Kahraman after they had skied.