Bay Bridge's decks arrived, temporary road construction started

The Bay Bridge bridge has been reached, temporary road construction has been started.

6 has been shipped to 08.00 and 16.00 in the Gulf since February.

At the end of the year, the 4 towers will be the world's 254 large suspension bridge. The guide cables to be used in the extraction of the main cables to be placed on the main deck where the vehicles will pass through the bridge, which was another stage on the bridge, were also taken twice as long. Lastly, the work of the temporary walkway called 'cat path', which will carry out the work of the main cables, will be carried out by the engineers and workers. The 6 starts in February and can be used to close the 08.00-16.00 between Dilovasi and Hersek capes, where the bridge flows are located. Between these times, no ship entry or exit is made to the Gulf. The work will continue tomorrow and the ship traffic in the Gulf of Izmit 10 will return to normal on Tuesday February.


The Bay Bridge also came to be used as a road for vehicles. The rollers were rolled down to the site of a private port facility, which is located next to the Dilovası foot of the Bay Bridge. If there is no fault in the program, the pulling of the main cables will be completed at the end of February, and by the end of May the installation of the tables will be finished. By the end of the year, the 3 will arrive at 3 and 6 arrives at the 4 track. The bridge will take the Istanbul-Izmir highway to 3.5 hours and Gebze-Orhangazi road to 20 minutes. At the same time, especially in the summer months, holiday holidays, those who want to spend outside Istanbul in the highways and ferry piers iizdiham will be slightly reduced.

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