Konyaya metro to be done

Will there be a metro to Konya: Master pen Uğur Özteke gave important information about the metro works that Konyaians have been waiting for for a long time. Özteke carried the statements, "If things go well with the instructions given by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, Konya public will be given good news about transportation soon."

Today, with your permission, we want to remember some of our current situation and share the good news on behalf of the city in the near future.

Perhaps the only one who gave the greatest support to the AK Party in a pure way as Konya.

Because we are the city of the AK Party at least even the blessings of the blessings.

Our managers who manage us know this, read and follow the business world, our bureaucrats see.

For example, should we briefly lift the cover of this transport file?

Ministry period from the date by Turkey in the period minister Binali Yildirim Bey Konya able to pick you think they deserve?

I'm sorry, but Elazığ, Erzurum, Kayseri, We have passed all of them; Whereas all the provinces of the East, the Black Sea coastline with double-decker roads and the public statement in Paris, our way back to Paris even how many of our work has been completed completely complete.

Nobody is sorry for the last years on the road including the same for yesterday this situation was exactly the case.

So how is the table for today?

Both our Prime Minister Konyalı and our Minister of Transport are from Konyalı.

Is Konya not only by highway, but by airways and railways?

We apologize for the elders, but we are the ambassadors of the industrialists, bureaucrats, shopkeepers whispering.

For example, what is the latest situation for our famous ring roads?

Yes, the party leaders do not need to be angry.

If there are new developments on these issues, it is your duty to share them with the public.

There are also folks who talk about them. We are also witnessing these resentments. And sadly, we support it.

After all this boring situation, let us comfort you.

If things go well with the instructions given by the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan himself, good care will be given to the public.

Allah believeth in them, and there is even the good news.

Now I know you're looking at these writings by smiling a little like us.

Because whatever it is, these works are always coincided with the election period.

Well, maybe they're not new, but it's not clear what reasoning logic is coordinating them. However, we are excited about the projects that we all dreamed of for the city, which will be announced soon by our elders, even before the election.

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