In the city of Kyrgyzstan

Automobile overturned on tramway road in Konya 1 injured: The driver of the vehicle overturned on tramway in Konya was injured.

The 42 KB 436 license plate car, whose driver's identity has not yet been determined, has been knocked over to the tramway due to rain, which was effective at the Kunduracılar Junction.

Driver injured in the accident, Meram Training and Research Hospital was removed. It was learned that the driver was in good condition.

  • When they could not be removed with a crane, citizens were “hand in hand”

The car, which rattles the tram, caused the car to be removed from the rails by a crane. Despite the hard work, the vehicle, the rails can not be removed, the rescue teams asked the help of the surrounding citizens. After the vehicle was repaired with the help of the citizens, it was lifted by crane and taken to the scene with the hammer.

After about 10 hours of work, the tramway road was opened to traffic again.


Günceleme: 01/12/2018 17:17

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