Kayserili Mountaineers On The Way Of Erciyes Summit

Kayseri Mountain Mountaineers On the way of Erciyes Summit: Kayseri mountain climbers 5.Traditional Hacilar Erciyes Winter climbing within the scope of the Erciyes Mountain Ski Center reached. Despite the heavy snow and type, the 55 athlete managed to reach the summit.

The 2015th traditional Hacılar Erciyes winter climbing, included in the Kayseri Mountaineering Provincial Representation's 5 activity program, was held. 31 mountaineers participated in the climbing held between January 1 and February 128. Mountaineers gathered at the Ski House of the Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate in Tekir Region and moved to the Mountain House at the 2700 altitude Camping Center Upper Station. Despite the wind reaching 100 km / h in places, the mountaineers reached the mountain house after a 2-hour hike. Some of the mountaineers who participated in the climbing set up tents and spent the night at the camp center. At night, the climbers started climbing again for the summit. While some of the mountaineers returned due to the danger of freezing in Şeytan Deresi, 55 mountaineers managed to reach the summit despite the heavy snow and snowfall. The athletes who returned after the Turkish National Anthem and Respect at the summit reached the Erciyes Mountain Ski Center in the evening.

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