Governor HCevheroğlu visited Olympos Teleferik

District Governor HCevheroğlu visited Olympos Cable Car: Halil Serdar Cevheroğlu, District Governor of Antalya's Kemer District, visited the Olympos Cable Car located on the 2365 meter high Tahtalı Mountain.

Cevheroğlu, who previously worked in Eğirdir and was appointed as the deputy governor of Antalya, started to work in Kemer a while ago. Cevheroğlu came to Olympos Teleferik with his son last weekend. Father and son, who came to the top together, spent pleasant hours here. Cevheroğlu captured those moments of his son playing snowballs with his camera.

With ropeway attendants sohbet Kemer District Governor said, “I know that this place is built with the latest technology. "I am very happy to be here." Cevheroğlu said that the cable car's contribution to Turkish tourism cannot be denied, emphasizing that it is one of the best examples of alternative tourism.


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