Kartalkaya on the road

📩 24/11/2018 14:08

Icy ordeal on Kartalkaya Road: The road to Kartalkaya, the ski center in Bolu, is closed to transportation due to icing. While long vehicle convoys were formed on the road, the road was opened to transportation by lifting the sliding vehicles.

Those who want to go to the ski resort Kartalkaya on the weekend had a hard time. The road was closed when buses slipped due to icing in the morning. While long vehicle convoys were formed on the road, as a result of the works that took approximately 2.5 hours, the bus was pulled by the construction machine and the road was opened for transportation. However, vehicles in the convoy barely advanced due to icing. Gendarmerie teams warned drivers to wear chains on their vehicles' tires. Drivers chained their vehicles and proceeded on the road.

In Kartalkaya, many trees fall down due to the effect of the wind in the forests. The parts of the trees that have fallen onto the road have been cut with a chain saw, thus preventing them from affecting transportation.