The new favorite of Winter Sports Kaçkars

Kaçkar Mountains, the New Favorite of Winter Sports: Becoming among the favorite places of nature lovers, the Kaçkar Mountains, where sports lovers flock to mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking and rafting in the summer, become the indispensable place of the helicopter skiing "heliski" in the winter months.

Rize Culture and Tourism Director İsmail Hocaoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Rize offers a unique beauty to nature lovers every season.

Rize of the major attractions of the summer period with helicopter skiing in the winter of helices that reflects the allegations aimed at tourism as a single center in Turkey stressed Hocaoglu, continued as follows:
“For about 8 years, helicopter skiing has been done on the skirts of Kaçkar Mountains in our city. This is the ultimate in skiing. Completely professional athletes continue their skiing activities by climbing a certain distance by helicopter in places where there are no ski slopes and then dropping back to the summit by helicopter. This sport is an activity performed at distances between 2 thousand 500 and 3 thousand meters. "
Indicating that the group of 300 to 500 athletes perform the heliski sports in the region annually, Hocaoğlu said, “Around 15 thousand athletes perform this activity worldwide. It is a sport that is preferred by high income groups. Helix quinine only be done in Rize in Turkey, an important city in terms of tourism. With this activity, we put forward our claim in winter tourism as well as in summer tourism ”.

- Alternative to helix, Hazindak Ski Resort
Hocaoğlu stated that the Hazindak Ski Center and cable car project is planned within the scope of the activities carried out for Ayder Plateau to serve tourism in 12 months of the year.
“With the opening of Hazindak Ski and Winter Sports Center in the next few years, Rize will become an important attraction center in winter sports. The ski areas in winter will also allow people to trekking in summer. We will have served in tourism for 12 months. Thanks to the tracks and facilities where everyone can ski in winter, people will have the opportunity to enjoy nature to the fullest.