Izmit tram project lags behind given date

The Izmit tram project lagged behind the given date: before the local elections, the tram project, which came on the agenda with the connection to the electricity cable, fell behind the announced schedule.

Among the AKP's election promises, the project, which had been stored in refrigerators for years, had been on the agenda before the local elections of the 30 March.

AKP people brought a tram to Anıtpark Square with a cable.

Minister Fikri Işık's greeting the people of this tram was on the agenda for days and humor.

CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar at the end of the 2014 documents received from the Ministry of Transportation and then brought to the agenda on the agenda of the tram project once again on the agenda before a general election.

A significant development took place regarding the tram project called Akçaray.

Tram tender will be held on 31 March 2015. However, the information contained in the auction date and announcement, the AKP and Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu head looks like a lot of pain.


18 In December 2014 President Karaosmanoğlu, who explained the details of the project with a ceremony held at KOTO, said ılar If God does, then we are going to tender at the beginning of 2015 Kara.

However, the account in the house did not fit.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality announced the tender date as 31 December 2015. The date of the tender, 7 June, the general elections to be held a closer date, he noted.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Karaaosmanoğlu, the first promotion of the tram promotion meeting 2015 announced in April will be shot.

However, when the tender was delayed, the date of the first dig was naturally changed. Karaosmanoğlu'nun announced ”2016 in the year of hopeful hoping we can travel together with Akçaray Sekapark-Bus Station“ was also delayed.


In the tender announcement about the tram of the Metropolitan Municipality, the completion of the work '550 days after the delivery of the place' as the announcement drew attention.

It is difficult to complete the 31 of the tram even after the 2016 March, when the tender was made.

Because a lot of tramway expropriation decisions are expected to be taken and implemented.

This is among the factors that will extend the project. The project is expected to catch up with 2016 year.

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