Izmir Metropolitan Municipality responded to Özfatura's subway claim

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality responded to Özfatura's subway claim: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the allegations about the metro of Burhan Özfatura, one of the former presidents, had no scientific basis.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the former president of the Burhan Ozfatura'nun claims about the metro has no scientific foundation, he explained.

Özfatura said, “I say to my own offspring, do not get on the part of the subway from Üçyol to Üçkuyular. The waters flowing crying. I have serious hesitations about both the ground studies and the applied sheathing in the Üçyol-Üçkuyular line. " On his words, the Metropolitan Municipality made a statement. In the statement, the following was recorded: “Section 5,5 subway line, which covers the 2 km route between Üçyol-F.Altay (Üçkuyular) stations, serves as smoothly as in Section 1, which was opened before, and there is no negativity. As is known, the subway construction in the area in question was built below the groundwater level. The 5 stations and tunnel structures that were manufactured were completed under the supervision of expert technical staff and the consultancy service of STFA company.

When necessary, it has been studied within the framework of the findings, reports and recommendations in the other universities in Dokuz Eylul University and in other universities. Within the scope of the consultancy service of STFA, one of the well-established firms of our country, DHV Haskoning, a Dutch company specialized in tunnel and water surveys, participated in the studies and complete the solutions and suggestions they brought. As with all similar structures carried out below the water level, it is quite natural to face difficulties in combating with water during the construction phase of the work in question and these problems have been overcome by the structural measures introduced by the project teams carried out by expert teams.

Moreover, 1 performed during the time of Mr. Mayor. In the construction works of tunnels and stations belonging to subway construction, there were problems with water and 2. the system is secured by necessary measures as in the subway construction. 'I say not to ride the subway to my child.' It is also thought-provoking that Mr. Özfatura did not receive any information from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality before this unfortunate statement. These kinds of claims, which are put forward without any technical determination and scientific data, unfortunately have no other effect than causing anxiety and creating information pollution in our citizens. Respectfully publicly announced.


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