Counter rebellion at İZBAN stations

Counter rebellion in İZBAN stations: 80 kilometers in the 31 station, no minute counter does not work, citizens who rebelled, wants to solve the problem as soon as possible.

It turned out that İZBAN, the city rail transportation system in Izmir, does not operate any minute counter at 80 stations between Aliağa and Cumaovası, 31 kilometers. Citizens who complained that they could not see when İZBAN would come to the station because the minute counter signs did not work, asked to solve the problem that had been going on for months. It was learned that the meter problem was caused by not updating the current software system.
Outraged citizen

IZBAN, which has been operating underground rail transportation on the 80 km suburban line from Aliağa to Cumaovası, has run out of counters for 1.5 months, making the citizens angry. When the citizens wanted to get off the bus and get on İZBAN after the transfer transportation system was implemented, they were worried that the minute counters in the station were not working.

Emphasizing that they had a timing problem while going to their workplaces because they did not know when İZBAN would come, the citizens pointed out that the problem should be resolved as soon as possible. It was stated that the minute counters indicating when İZBAN would arrive at the station had not worked for 1.5 months. It has been noted that the authorities, who frequently receive complaints due to similar problems, have been waiting for the software system to be updated, which will ensure the synchronization between İZBAN and the station for months.

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  1. I was actually surprised! Because the so-called clocks mentioned in this article are apparently still not working today at the beginning of November 2014, December 2014 and two weeks ago. At Hilal and Halkapınar stations to go to Adnan-Menderes-Airport twice in November-14, the next trains were showing only 50 minutes and later, and a security guard relieved all the rushed passengers, although they were not responsible and interested. The train also arrived 5 minutes later. Although it was newly established, such a system could not be operated or repaired, I know what it should mean: weakness, negligence, handicapped and / or serious behavior…? If necessary, why not operate properly? Wherever you look, it's a PROBLEM!
    SPECIFICALLY if the mind can not be harm, apology and acceptance (thought) or a project error; There is no toilet in any of the stations. If the staff use the toilet, it is PROHIBITED. Do you think everyone is healthy, system users between 18 and 40 are just men? Average 30 - How does 120 last, including children, women and men over the age of 50? Not everybody has a faucet!

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