Train crash scaring Swiss (Video)

Scary train accident in Switzerland: In Zurich, Switzerland, two people were injured as a result of the collision of two passenger trains.

Two trains collided at 06.45 in the morning at the train station of the town of Rafz, in Zurich, Switzerland.

According to information from regional sources, the high-speed train from Schaffhausen to Zurich collided at the exit of the train station Rafz from Zurich to Schaffhausen. As a result of the collision, 5 people were wounded. While many helicopters and ambulances were dispatched to the scene, it was stated that the heavy injured was a fast train mechanic and the injured were taken to the hospital.

Train services between the cities of Rafz - Schaffhausen are also suspended.

Swiss Railways press sözcüDanielle Pallechi stated that they were investigating the cause of the collision, most likely a signaling error.




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