Island Express Runs at Loss

Ada Ekspresi Runs at Loss: Due to the construction of the high-speed train (YHT) line is interrupted due to the Island Express, restarted voyages from last January. TCDD officials said the trains had a huge loss in the month of 1.


The trains serving the TVS 2000 type air-conditioned wagons on the Arifiye-Pendik line run 4 every day with 4 departures and 8 arrivals. Arifiye, Sapanca, Izmit, Gebze and Pendik stations serving the Island Express, the citizens did not see the expected interest. TCDD officials showed that the reason for this is that trains depart from Arifiye and the expeditions ended in Pendik.


According to the information received from the authorities, the trains starting from Arifiye trains only with the 9-10 contact Pendik'ya provided, the same way the return of the number of passengers in Pendik'dan extremely low. Authorities noted that although the prices are appropriate, the authorities did not show interest in trains, 1 said the monthly loss is great.


Adapazarı Garage Manager Hüsamettin Töre confirmed that the number of passengers is insufficient. Ti As you have followed, although the wagons are extremely comfortable and modern, our trains unfortunately go empty. In proportion to this, the occupancy rate is around 25. This is the sight that appears now, Şimd he said.

Günceleme: 01/12/2018 17:16

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  1. Thank you for this interesting story long before its time. Apparently, there are a lot of factors. (1) is the general experience (eg: European countries), it takes time for a line to be interrupted for a while to regain the number of passengers and increase the number. Because the alternatives are attractive, the passengers are used to it. (2) As mentioned by the beginning and end points, expectations, far from meeting the demand. (3) sees the comfort criteria as secondary for short distances. (4) The number of flights and especially the timing of the trip is not as attractive as the trip. . Related trip planners, reasons and solutions hk. It is inevitable to sit and head. It will be seen that the change will be experienced in the end. Make it more attractive. This is always the case. The secret of the success of small private companies in Europe lies here.

  2. On the other hand; The subject of TRANSPORT (fast and YHT lines, which is not as planned in the account there: beyond the expectation of occupancy, eg overseas, especially in Europe and Japan, the last one is an exception!) Is a country, State-Strategy. Whether the TCDD is half and / or so-called autonomous or the 100 KIT, the majority of lines are subsidized and supported by the state. The strategy created here and its tactics are done as required!
    Finally: if the BUSINESS-COST and PROFIT / LOSS-Account is done on the COMMUNITY only in the COLLABORATION (which, in what form, with which form of calculation), the existing urban transportation (tram, bus U) and the railway lines are the big part should close immediately! The account can be made as “+“ and ali - “as the check space. This is also the case in theory and practice!